Generika to give away 500 MyPhones in loyalty card promo

Generika Drugstore is launching a major nationwide promo exclusively for its Generikard Loyalty Card holders, through the “Generikard Mo, MyPhone Panalo!” promo, which will run from September 1 to November 15, 2012.

For every minimum single purchase of generic medicines worth P100 net of discount using your Generika Loyalty Card, you earn one electronic raffle entry. This will be indicated on your official receipt, with the following message: “Congratulations, you are now enrolled for the electronic raffle promo of Generikard Mo, MyPhone Panalo.” Since the raffle entry will be linked to your Generikard record, you do not need to fill up a raffle coupon.

There will be 5 raffle draws to pick out the winners of the following prizes: MyPhone TV phone – 100 winners per draw; Generikard Loyalty points worth P100 – 200 winners per draw; and Generika umbrella – 200 winners per draw. The draw dates are September 14 & 28, October 12 & 26, and November 15, 2012.

A customer may win a MyPhone TV phone only once for the entire duration of the promo. Winners will be published on the Generika website and Facebook page, and will be officially notified via registered mail and/or contact numbers.

Getting a Generikard is easy: simply purchase P300 worth of generic medicines and get the card for free, or buy the Generikard for P50. You an apply for a Generikard at any Generika Drugstore nationwide. With your Generikard, you can earn points for all your purchases at Generika Drugstore outlets. Each point earned is equivalent to P1, and can be redeemed at all Generika branches. The Generikard also gives you access to special offers such as discounts on monthly featured products. It also provides exclusive privileges, like the Generikard MyPhone raffle promo.

Generika Drugstore was founded in September 2003 to educate Filipinos about generic brand drugs and to provide them with quality affordable generic medicines as an alternative to higher cost branded drugs. In 2009, Generika was awarded with the Quality Seal Award by the Bureau of Food & Drugs (BFAD); and in 2008, Generika Drugstore was proclaimed the national winner in the drugstore chain category by the Drugstore Association of the Philippines (DSAP). There are 300 Generika Drugstore locations nationwide.