Get your techie dad a gift this Father’s Day through Smart Bro’s Gadget Plus Plans

111026_SMART_FINAL-Logo_RGBFather’s Day is coming up, and you should be preparing something special for you old man! If you’re thinking of getting your dad a gadgets for this occassion, SMART Communications have the perfect gift ideas for each type of techie dad.

A great selection of premium gadgets are available under Smart Bro’s Gadget Plus Plans that getting your dad what he needs should be easy on the wallet. Arrangements to include the device amortization in your monthly fee are available that it’s like paying for the gadget in 24 easy monthly installments.

Here are some ideas about which gadget to give your dad, depending on the qualities that make him the best dad in the world:

The Gadget Geek Dad
If your dad is the type who wants to have the latest and the fastest gadgets out there, then the Asus Nexus 7 LTE and the Huawei MediaPad Link LTE are perfect tablet choices for him.

The Asus Nexus 7 LTE has a 7-inch IPS Display, 32GB of internal storage for storing all those photos and videos, and runs the latest Android operating system. The Huawei MediaPad Link LTE, meanwhile, features a 10-inch IPS display, 16GB of storage, and is powered by a powerful quad-core processor. And because it’s powered by Smart Bro’s ultrafast LTE connection, these tablets can become your dad’s perfect companion for streaming or surfing the online world at breakneck broadband speeds.

Price: P1,500 (Asus Nexus 7) or P2,200 (Huawei MediPad Link) one-time fee upon subscription to Smart Bro LTE Plan 1299 with 2GB of data every month

The Bookish Dad
Dads who love to read books will be delighted with the Kobo Touch e-Reader, which can store up to 1,000 books and last for days on a single charge. They can also choose from a wide array of selection from the Kobo eBookstore, which offers over 3.5 million book titles, including a selection of literary work by Filipino authors.

Price: FREE under Plan 499, with 30 hours of surfing every month

The Stylish Dad
For the dads who want the complete stylish look, the Acer Iconia A1 proves to be the perfect premium accessory to go with any outfit. Measuring less than a centimeter thin, the Acer Iconia A1’s smooth white finish, silver-gray metal back cover, and 7.9-inch IPS display makes for a handy gadget that dads can take with them anywhere.

Price: P500 one-time fee upon subscription to Plan 699, with 50 hours of surfing every month

The ‘Flexible’ Dad
Dads will do everything for their family, so it’s best to reward them with a gadget companion that will perfectly suit their flexible lifestyle in the form of the Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8. This tablet features a revolutionary kickstand that drives its innovative multimode design, allowing users to conveniently switch among holding, viewing, and typing modes all on the same tablet.

Price: P500 one-time fee upon subscription to Plan 999, with 50 hours of surfing every month

The Multitasking Dad
For all the hard work that they do for the family, fathers need to have a trusty companion that they can conveniently use both for their work and home lives. Which is why the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 fits the bill as the perfect Father’s Day gift.

This latest tablet offering from Smart Bro comes with a Samsung Book Cover and Bluetooth Keyboard accessories, which instantly turns the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 into a lean, mean productivity machine for dads who are always on the go.

Price: P1,500 one-time fee upon subscription to Plan 1299, with 50 hours of surfing every month