Improve your sitting posture and relieve back stress with BackJoy, now available in the Philippines

In essence, the BackJoy sitting product is a medical device that aims to change the way people sit by shifting the user’s center of gravity to the front of the body, which removes harmful pressure from the spine and back area and improves posture. In truth, many people spend most of their days sitting down and tend to develop improper posture, thus causing back problems. The device can be used virtually anywhere you sit, such as at work or in the car, and although at first glance it might seem like one of those gimmicks often seen on home shopping networks, it’s actually been endorsed by multiple members of the medical community—including neurologists, nurses, and chiropractic physicians.

BackJoy has been brought to the Philippines by Ryan Koh, the same person who brought the Crocs brand into the country. In fact, the top layer of the BackJoy sitting device is made from the same material that Crocs shoes are made from. The event to officially launch the product was held just today and involved a very informative talk on the product’s benefits by the highly accomplished Dr. Barry Kluner, a licenced Chiropractor from Canada who specializes in postural and spinal distortion among others. The BackJoy sitting device is the world’s first and only “orthotic” tool for your back, and it works by “floating” the user’s pelvis over both hard and soft sitting surfaces, acting as a natural shock absorber, shifting the pelvis into the neutral position and thus adjusting the spine into the proper “S” shape. This leads to good posture, better blood circulation, and less back pressure. Attendees of the event were given a chance to try it out and see the difference for themselves.

BackJoy is a company that aims to change the way the world sits, stands, and sleeps, and they’re currently developing products to aid in each of those areas. You can check out BackJoy at select branches of the The Travel Club (Trinoma, Shangri-La Mall, Rockwell, Newport Mall, and Alabang), and ROX (Bonifacio High Street, Marquee Mall, and Cebu). You can also visit for more information. The Backjoy Posture+ version of the sitting device sells for Php 2,990.