Keep the flame alive with a high-speed broadband connection


Two people find love in cyberspace, and it’s technology, and constant connection that keep them together even when they’re worlds apart.

Xander and Alexa met each other in Facebook threads of common friends. Xander is based in Atlanta, Georgia while Alexa lives in Quezon City.

“We ‘liked’ the same things, and she was among the few who got my jokes,” Xander recalls. “Even on more serious posts, we were in sync with what we believed in and held dear.”

Days turned into months and as the two got closer, Alexa decided to get her own broadband connection so they could talk even outside of work. There was a pleasant side benefit: “I had no idea that my new connection would bring me even closer to Xander, too,” she shares.

A long-distance relationship proved difficult, but the two eventually found creative ways of keeping their relationship steadfast. Xander says, “Only your imagination limits you when it comes to keeping the flame alive.”

Just like Alexa and Xander, many Filipinos rely on broadband Internet to break barriers down and bridge distances to their loved ones abroad. Through Smart Broadband, Inc. (Smart Bro), Pinoys are empowered to make more meaningful connections by giving them the best Internet experience anywhere in the Philippines.

“Broadband Internet has definitely made human connections stronger despite the distance. With high-speed broadband services such as Smart Bro, we make it possible for lovers and couples to think of creative ways in keeping their relationships alive and exciting, ” says Michelle Curran, Data and International Services Marketing Head at mobile leader Smart Communications, Inc. (Smart).

“We work to be constantly the first in innovations that make Filipinos’ mobile broadband experience even better,” Curran adds. “We aim to stay on the cutting edge of technology with Smart Bro’s ‘nationwidest’ reach of over 10,000 HSPA+ and LTE sites across the country, and speeds of up to 42 Mbps backed by four times more fiber power.”

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