LG reaches 20 million in washing machine sales

LG Washing Machine photoLG Electronics recently announced that more than 20 million units of washing machines have been sold globally in the past five years. At the heart of this achievement is LG’s innovative 6 Motion Direct Drive technology which offers users powerful yet delicate washing results similar to those of a real hand wash.

The popularity of 6 Motion Direct Drive technology is in the six different washing motions ― Tumbling, Scrubbing, Filtration, Rolling, Stepping, Swing ― that individually or in combination provide powerful washing results. LG washing machines also offer optimized washing programs for a diverse range of fabrics. In addition to enhancing fabric care, the delicate motions cause fewer wrinkles and less damage. The washing machines are powered by LG’s advanced Inverter Direct Drive motor which is backed by the reliability of 10 year warranty.