Make your eyes pop with BeYu Color Biggie Long-Lasting eyeshadow


Whether it’s a Friday night out with your pals or just a regular day at work, the BeYu Biggie Long-lasting stick eyeshadow adds a simple tweak to your makeup routine that is sure to emphasize your eyes.

This creamy eyeshadow is enclosed in a thick pencil-like body for easy application, even on-the-go. Made in Germany, the Color Biggies are versatile as it is water resistant and long-lasting. With its rich and soft textures, it is perfect for everyday wear, may it be on a hot or a rainy day. Also, it can work several ways: as an eyeshadow for the eyelids, shadow for contouring, a liner for definition, or as a highlighter under the brow.


What’s more, it is free of petroleum, paraffin, mineral oils, parabens, or preservatives. It is also fragrance-free and dermatologically safe for sensitive eyes.

The BeYu Biggie Long-lasting Color stick eyeshadow retails for PHP 480 and is available in an exciting and extensive color palette that ranges from subtle shimmering colors to elegant semi-matte tones and ultra-bright shades.


Color Biggie Variants:


Dark chocolate, rich brown, cocoa bean, cappuccino, copper accents, black, smoky grey, creamy nude, golden cream, satin taupe, silver dust, turquoise highlight, abstract violet, dark night, forest sheen, emerald oasis, enchanted ballet, moonlight, metallic peach, noble brown, trendy grass, minty cream, sky shine, royal alert, silver star, mauve seduction, cool burgundy, rosy delight, grey pearl, champagne reception.