NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto introduces its Peach Iced Tea variant

Coffee or tea? That is the question we’re always up against – from flight attendants, food servers, and even friends. We don’t need much convincing to arrive at a decision, as we’ve always relied on our bodily instincts. Feeling a bit sluggish, and need a quick jumpstart? Then coffee it is; while if you feel a little bloated then a cup of tea eases the discomfort.

Beyond these needs, there’s said to be a personality brewing in every cup of coffee or tea that neatly separates the two kinds of drinkers. Coffee aficionados have an on-the-go lifestyle, whereas tea drinkers are more on the leisurely side.

What we don’t recognize is the thin line that makes these two comfort drinks similar to each other. Whether you opt for coffee or tea, both require the same level of preparation to create the perfect cup – the right amount of water, the right amount of coffee grounds or tea leaves, and an ample time to brew them.

Hot drinks definitely soothe the senses, but since we live in a tropical country, refreshments are staples. Hence, the options to have hot drinks on the rocks – from hot to iced coffee, down to the family’s favorite, the iced tea.

However, serving them both in one go is quite a fuss. Two separate preparations for two different drinks. What if there’s one beverage machine that can combine the coffee and tea drinkers? That would be surreal, but well, it just happened.

More than just a coffee machine, NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto now offers its latest Nestea Peach variant to the market. Your multi-beverage machine just got a bit cheeky, or peachy for that matter. An iced tea capsule now made available for the whole family to enjoy.

This summer, bask in the cool and rich taste of Nestea Peach iced tea. No need to stir, nor shake, for it comes as easy as POP, LOCK, and PLUNGE. Flip the lever on your NESCAFÉ Dolce Gusto machine to blue and enjoy the chill.

Need a little energy boost? Pop in a coffee capsule of your choice to give you that instant caffeine fix.

So, hot or cold, coffee or tea, this unique machine has it both for you. Just pop, lock, and drop into the pure, unrelenting taste of beverage goodness.