Neutrogena Launches Healthy Beauty Campaign for Filipino Women

Kim NTG Hydro Boost & Fine Fairness

On March 11, Neutrogena launched a new beauty advocacy that brings out the best in one’s beauty through healthy and safe ways.

The well-loved international skincare brand introduced a skin care range that caters to Filipinos’ delicate skin. The Deep Clean facial cleansers, the Ultra Sheer sun protection range and the Hydro Boost gel and water-based moisturizer are all part of Neutrogena’s new advocacy for beautifully healthy skin.

“Many Filipino women believe in tiis ganda, making it acceptable for them to go through skin irritation and discomfort in the name of beauty,” Ella Reyes-David, Neutrogena senior brand manager, said. “Our main goal is to spread the message that healthy is the new beauty.”

According to Reyes-David, Neutrogena’s products “combine scientifically proven formulas with skin-friendly ingredients.” She added, “This combination allows Neutrogena to effectively address skin problems in a healthy and pleasant way.”

Skin-friendly and Effective

NTG Deep Clean

The Neutrogena Deep Clean cleanser goes deep down into pores to dissolve dirt, oil and make-up residue, effectively removing up to 99 percent of impurities, minus the post-wash dryness.

“A lot of women think that dryness is a good sign that the skin is clean,” Reyes-David explained. “In reality, it just means that your facial wash is stripping your skin of moisture.”

NTG Hydro Boost

The new Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel is a water- and gel-based moisturizer that nourishes the skin and makes it supple without the oily feel.

Also, Neutrogena is set to launch the Fine Fairness moisturizer, a water-based gel cream that combines Vitamin C and Hexinol, which ultimately makes for a beautiful, healthy and fairer skin in just a span of three weeks.

Ultra Protection, Ultra Light

NTG Ultra Sheer

Summer is just around the corner, which signals us to bring our parasols out and put on the essentials.

Ultra Sheer is Neutrogena’s powerful solution to sun protection. It has a Dry Touch technology, which provides excellent aesthetics and sun defense.

It is also water- and sweat-proof, non-greasy, and leaves a light, velvety feel giving users the comfort and protection against Mr. Sun.

With SPF 50, Ultra Sheer packs the full benefits of Neutrogena’s patented and breakthrough sun protection technology complex called Helioplex.

Avobenzone is one of the world’s most powerful UVA absorbers today but it is also photo-unstable,” Clarisse Mendoza, guest dermatologist during the launch, said. “Oxybenzone is a very good UVB absorber with some UVA absorbency. Together with the Helioplex stabilizing technology, these two provide high, broad spectrum and photostable coverage.”

The launch event was hosted by TV host and social media maven Kim Jones, who was also introduced as the Neutrogena’s new brand ambassador.

Deep Clean, Ultra Sheer with Helioplex and Hydro Boost, along with other Neutrogena products, are available for purchase online via To watch Neutrogena’s videos on debunking beauty myths, visit or log on to for information.