Parade: Zact Premium Whitening Toothpaste


If stained teeth is what hinders you from showing off that big, great smile to the world, worry no more! Zact—made by Lion Corporation, Japan’s leading toothpaste company—is a whitening toothpaste that cleans and whitens your chompers as you brush. It’s the ideal whitening toothpaste for discolored teeth caused by stains from coffee, cigarettes, and wine. Zact helps bring the natural whiteness of the teeth by actually removing stains, instead of masking it. It is infused with two stain fighting agents that’s 60 percent more effective than regular toothpastes. Plus, it also contains fluoride that strengthens teeth against cavities. Nothing shouts confidence better than a set of pearly-white teeth and fresh breath.

PHP 90 (90g)

PHP 150 (150g)