Rayban lets you reveal your true colors this summer

Ray-Ban got those good summer vibes on a roll and drew the cool albeit colourful crowd to the exclusive La Boca Rare Print media and celebrity summer party. The summery and artsy affair simultaneously kicked off its Ray-Ban Summer Road Show.

Held at the über popular Buddha Bar on Thursday April 26, the sizzling La Boca experience bound its Ray-Ban revellers in a summer spell of fashion, art, music and heaps of fun. Everyone revealed their true colors (read: fierce, fabulous and fearless) and showed up in their best bold color blocking outfits.

Buddha Bar, likewise, was all done up in the mood of La Boca style (La Boca being one of Buenos Aires’ most colourful neigborhoods). Guests got to express themselves further as they were challenged to design their own pair of sunglasses, an activity which not only revealed their artistic side but literally, their true colors. Local mural artists, Piajet Mortelino and Jerik Robleza, meanwhile, displayed their La Boca skills live to the delight of onlookers.

Besides the well-turned out guests, the stars of the show were of course Ray-Ban’s latest limited edition La Boca collection sunglasses. The collection, which is under the Rare Prints Series 6, features the Wayfarer in four fantastic in-your-face designs, inspired by the colorfully painted houses on Caminito street in La Boca, Argentina. Three lucky members of the media got to go home with a pair but as for the aforementioned Ray-Ban Summer Road Show, consumers and aficionados of the brand can now check out the Rare Prints Series 1-6 at their favorite mall outlets where they can even avail of special offers.

There’s an amazing palette for anyone and everyone to express themselves and stand out. Show YOUR true colors and choose one (or get all four!) of the La Boca Rare Print frames and have fun mixing and matching your La Boca Rare Prints with your wardrobe – the fashion statement possibilities are endless.

Dare to step out of your comfort zone and let your true colors shine through with La Boca Rare Prints.