Tattoo revamps postpaid mobile broadband stick with upgrades in speed and design


Mobile broadband, Tattoo revamped its mobile broadband stick with boosted speed and a new design. Tattoo’s new postpaid broadband stick combines superfast speeds, functionality, and aesthetics making it what every Filipino needs to be ahead in mobile surfing.

Tattoo’s LTE stick now has base speeds boosted from 7.2Mbps increased to 12Mbps for regular plans and 42Mbps on customizable plans for LTE. Subscribers can choose from consumable packages such as Plan 299 from 30 hours to 50 hours, Plan 499 form 50 hours to 85 hours and LTE Plan 1299. LTE-add ons are also available for more premium privileges for accelerated browsing and more benefits.

Tattoo also got a boost in design. Tattoo collaborated with local design icon and world-renowned industrial atelier, Kenneth Cobonpueto, to create a stylish new design for their LTE stick. The new Tattoo stick design incorporates the local artist’s unique design perspective making the Tattoo the epitome of stylized technology.

According to Dong Ronquillo, Head of Tattoo Nomadic Broadband, “With the Internet becoming an essential part of daily life, it is important that one stays upgraded with the highest connection speeds. Tattoo mobile broadband now boasts of higher base speeds with our postpaid portfolio. A synergy of form and function, our devices pack speed in an exciting way as depicted in the artistic renditions of world-renowned industrial designer Kenneth Cobonpue. Indeed, the new Tattoo Broadband will let Filipino netizens live life at the speed of now.”

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