Asus launches Aura Sync Outshine the Competition campaign

Asus has announced the launch of the Outshine the Competition global campaign aimed at promoting its Aura Sync platform. Aura Sync is an RGB-lighting synchronization feature compatible with various Aura-enabled products which currently include Asus motherboards, graphics cards, keyboards, and mice, as well as some third-party peripherals such as RAM, LED strips, and hubs.

Controlled using the Aura Sync software, it allows users to easily manage their gear’s RGB lighting and sync their colors and effects with each other. Up to 16 million color combinations and nine unique lighting schemes are available.

Through the Outshine the Competition campaign, Asus is encouraging fans from anywhere in the world to submit Aura Sync-inspired photos to win great prizes, ranging from single Aura-enabled products to an Aura Sync-enabled dream PC package.

Existing Aura product owners can join by taking a photo or video of their gear in action and submitting their work through this link. Those who don’t have Aura products can also join by creating Aura Sync-inspired photos that feature the Aura Sync Logo. Entries must also be posted to at least one popular social media channel using the hashtag #AsusAura. Full competition rules can be found in the link above.