Parade: Doss Asimom 3



The Doss Asimom 3 is an intelligent wireless portable Bluetooth speaker. Shaped like a small can, this robust speaker is built with an industrial metal polycarbonate design, ensuring top-notch quality. The top of the Asimom 3 can be easily activated and operated of its highly sensitive play/pause, next/ previous, and call-answering touch keys. Placed squarely in the middle of the speaker’s top is the volume ring that glows when you adjust volume by tracing the top plate with your finger in a circular motion. With its NFC one-touch pairing feature, you can effortlessly connect with other NFC-enabled devices by tapping them against each other. Re-charging is super-easy and convenient with a wireless charging plate that also supports mobile phone and tablet charging. Place the speaker on top of the plate and it doubles as a power bank with a 1020mAh capacity battery rated up to 8 hours of use. It also has a clever voice-prompt that will speak tell you the speaker’s current status without interrupting your music playback. It is available in Ruby Red, Marble White, Bright Moon, Yellow, Sky Blue, and Titanium Light Grey.

PHP 2,450

First published in Gadgets Magazine, October 2013