Edifier R88 and P2060 Speakers

Immerse yourself in audio bliss with the R88 and P2060 Multimedia 2.1 Speakers from Edifier.

R88 SPeaker

The R88 is a space-saving, uniquely designed set with a downward facing 4-inch subwoofer for wall-trembling bass. Paired with angled satellites that direct treble towards the listener, the R88 produces a total audio output of RMS 8.5 watts for a complete sound experience beyond compare. An on/off switch and volume control are on the subwoofer side panel for easy access.

P2060 speaker

Meanwhile, the P2060 is a 2.1 multimedia speaker system with a 5-inch magnetically shielded subwoofer and satellite monitors for a smooth but powerful audio output. It features a USB port, 3.5mm stereo, and RCA cable for ease-of-use.