Parade: Fujifilm Instax Mini 90


Echoing the design of the company’s X-Series mirrorless camera line-up, the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic comes in a stunning silver and black vintage-motif body. This handy and stylish instant film camera spurs your most creative ideas with loads of artistic modes and features. Overlay one shot over another in one frame with Double Exposure Mode. Shoot the most intricate details in Macro Mode. Take the best self-portraits with the self-timer function. Freeze fast action in Kids Mode. Capture trails of light in Bulb Mode, which lets you shoot 10-second exposures at the maximum. Any picture you take will be printed out in a snap. The best part is that when they get printed, you can keep these little photographs in your scrapbook or use them to decorate your bedroom.

PHP 8,980

First published in Gadgets Magazine, October 2013