Parade: Lenmar Meridian



The Lenmar Meridian is designed to fit exactly with the latest iPhone models. It has one of the thinnest materials for a power case, as portability is just as important as power reliability. Its design goes beyond what most iPhone power banks do, storing 2300mAh to power your iPhone twice over. It also doesn’t rely on bulky cables to recharge your iPhone. Simply use the Lenmar Meridian as your iPhone case, and you have an instant reliable back up power wherever you go. It comes in three stylish colors—Metallic Red, Rubberized Black, and Glossy White—giving you the choice of how you want to dress up your iPhone. With the Lenmar Meridian, you’ll never lose your connection with the world again because of an empty phone battery!

PHP 3,780

First published in Gadgets Magazine, October 2013