Parade: ABEO Pro 283 CGH


Steady hands are essential in capturing and recording professional-quality photos and videos, but if you suffer from the shaky-hand syndrome, the ABEO Pro 283 CGH is here for you. This tripod has dual panning axes, plus a 72-click-point panning base that’s sure to capture panoramic views precisely, and offers smooth movements while following the action in HD. ABEO Pro’s Multi-Angle Central Column system makes it easy for users to move the central column from 0 to 180-degree angles in vertical and horizontal positions, making way for macro photography and unique angle shots. Also, an Instant Swivel Stop-n-Lock (ISSL) System that allows a secure move of the central column with one quick adjustment while maintaining stability is integrated. A Quick Adjustment lever lock—when central column is set in an angled position—makes turning the column easy: flip the lock open, rotate the column to desired position, and flip the lock closed. The ABEO Pro’s legs also feature quick-flip locks and individually adjust to 25, 50, and 80-degree angles via its release buttons. It makes setup easy, with all-terrain feet for any surface or just a flat spread for super-low angles.

PHP 27,000

First published in Gadgets Magazine, November 2013