Parade: APC Power Packs

Keep your devices topped up and ready to perform with the M5BK and M10BK APC Power Packs from Schneider Electric. Sleek and portable, these were engineered with efficiency in mind, turning themselves off when your device is fully charged.

M5WH_APC Mobile Power Pack  (White)

The smaller M5BK weighs in at just 136g and has enough juice to fully charge up to two smartphones in one go. Meanwhile, the M10BK has 243g of heft with enough power to bring your tablet from 0 to 100 in one plugged session, or your smartphone back to life four times over.

M10BK_APC Mobile Power Pack (Black)

Both Power Packs have two USB 2.4A and one 1A ports, with a LED display showing how much juice is left, and an on/off button so the units don’t lose charge when not in use. For safety, both are equipped with technology that prevents over-charging, over-discharge, over-current, short circuit blow outs, voltage spikes, or overload issues. For your added peace of mind, they’re protected by a full one year warranty.

PHP 1,500 (APC M5BK)

PHP 2,400 (APC M10BK)