Parade: Aqua Coton

We all have been in a situation where we go out for lunch, order a saucy dish, and as we go for the last bite, salsa drips down the front of our pastel-colored top. What we would normally do in this messy situation is to dab the stain with a wet napkin, making the unsightly mess even worse. Aqua, a subsidiary brand of Haier, has the solution to this dilemma. The Aqua Coton is a lightweight cologne-bottle-sized, AAA battery-operated, stain remover you can easily tote around. This handy yet powerful washer pumps a small amount of water over the fabric and thoroughly agitates it at 700 beats a minute with its nozzle, removing stains as quick as 30 seconds. Just apply the cleaning solution of your choice on a paper towel or directly to the fabric, direct the device’s nozzle to the area that needs cleaning, and the Coton will work its magic. Whether you use it at home or for when you need a quick touch-up on the go, the Coton has you covered.