Parade: Columbia Omni-Freeze Zero

ColumbiaWhenever you’re playing a game of hoops with your pals, have you ever noticed how your body loses momentum as you sweat? In a way that is similar to our computers and gadgets, the performance of the body declines when it overheats and loses fluids. Tailored for those who lead an active lifestyle, Columbia’s Omni-Freeze Zero technology turns sweat into a sort of renewable energy source as it activates the cooling system of the apparel, thus allowing the body to maintain peak performance even in extreme heat. Here’s how it works: When sweat comes in contact with the fabric, its temperature drops, thereby allowing the body to cool off. Columbia’s line of Omni-Freeze Zero apparel encompasses a wide array of shirts, shorts, headgear and footwear for men and women. Plus, they come in different colors and designs to suit your style. Here’s to the coolest way to lose sweat!

PHP 2,290 (Sun Freeze Men’s)
PHP 2,690 (Freeze Degree Polo Women’s)

First published in Gadgets Magazine, August 2013