Parade: Crocs Duet Sports


Crocs Duet

If walking around the streets of the metro can wear out even your toughest footwear, what more can rough terrain and jagged pathways do to them? The Crocs Duet Sports is made to be a real toughie to last through all your adventures with unwavering durability on the outside and extreme comfort on the inside. The Duet Sports is designed with a distinctive tread-pattern sole with deep grooves for a sure grip on any type of terrain. Equipped with ventilation ports, it also allows your feet to breathe as you walk. Redesigned for maximum endurance and ease, this pair of slip-on clogs is an effortless choice for the outgoing.

PHP 3,170 (for adults)
PHP 2,350 (for children)


First published in Gadgets Magazine, September 2013