Parade: Cyberoam NG Series

cyberoam ng seriesAs SMBs and SOHOs move towards faster networks and internet speeds, more and more security risks open up, leaving them vulnerable to attack. Many small businesses are also unable to maximize the potential of a fully-networked office, which is a waste of resources and revenue. The Cyberoam NG series, aimed at the SMB and SOHO meets these needs by providing users unequalled Firewall and UTM throughputs, along with Gigabit ports. These devices offer best-in-class hardware, and the necessary software to match, letting even smaller businesses compete in the same playing field as the big boys. With the Cyberoam NG series, users will have access to advanced application control based on users, time of day, bandwidth or a host of other variables, support for newer technology such as LTE/4G, advanced threat protection that neutralizes viruses, spyware, limits spam and filters web content, as well as other features that make the NG Series the best networking option out there.

First published in Gadgets Magazine, July 2013