Parade: Divoom Bluetune-1 Wireless Speaker


Divoom Bluetune





If you like your music and love sharing it with your
friends, you’ll love the Divoom Bluetune-1. You
can stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled
device, whether it be BlackBerry, Android, iOS,
or any laptop, to the speaker, and you will be
ensured of quality sound as it plays from the
device. If you don’t have a Bluetooth-enabled
device, you can also attach it via an included
cable to the speaker and still get the same result.
You can even link the device up to a Hi-Fi system
to make it wireless as well. Do you plan to jam
for a while? The Bluetune-1 ‘s internal lithium-ion
battery has enough juice for up to eight hours of


First Published in Gadgets Magazine, April 2013