Parade: Eveready One LED Light

A flashlight with dead batteries is the last thing you’ll ever need in the event of a power outage. You can always purchase replacements, but what if there aren’t stores near you to get what you need? Fret no more! The Eveready One LED Light is a reliable, smart, and handy lighting product that offers more value for money in every use. Built with Readyflex technology, this device provides superb lighting using two or four AA batteries that lasts longer than you can imagine. Users are guaranteed up to 48 hours of runtime; meanwhile, using four pieces of AA batteries extends its runtime up to 95 hours. The Eveready One LED Light has 20 lumens of bright light and is built with high-end LED technology that offers efficient energy without having to worry about replacements in the future. It also comes with a sliding switch for on and off functions, providing ample illumination in the dark in a jiffy.

PHP 149 (available in True Value and Handyman, and in select Mini Stop stores, community hardware outlets, and supermarkets)