Parade: Fujifilm XF1, Interchangeable Lens Camera


If you can’t get close enough to your  subject, the Fujifilm XF1can.Its Intelligent Digital Zoom feature can double the zoom beyond the 4x optical zoom range without losing any detail. Manual zoom is also enabled on the 25-1OOmm lens so that you have total control over which part of the scene to be included in your frame. The camera comes with the extended function (E-Fn) button, which lets you customize your XF1 to offer access to the controls you use the most. The camera includes a 12-megapixelEXR-CMOS sensor, 100-12800 ISO, a 3.0-inch LCDmonitor, and Full HD (1080p) movie recording. Its wide maximum aperture at f/1.8 allows you to quickly capture your subject even in low-light settings. The Fujifilm XF1 is the perfect fashion companion as it comes in three stunning colors: red, black and brown.


First published in Gadgets Magazine February 2013