Parade: Genius Gila Mouse


Genius GilaIf you need the advantage over your digital opposition, the GX Gila is one of the tools available for your arsenal. It has a 1.8-meter, gold-plated USB connector along with a rubberized finish so you can keep a grip on your mouse during the most intense gaming sessions. Need to input multiple functions in a hurry? You can use the 12 mouse buttons to store up to 72 macros on your mouse in six different game profiles. You can even adjust the balance of the mouse based on how you want it to feel, as it comes with six 4.5g weights you can move around inside the device. It has three different backlights that can be customized to suit user preferred-colors for up to 16 million RGB colors. Left-handed users don’t need to worry-the mouse can be used on either hand.

PHP 2,800

First Published in Gadgets Magazine, April 2013