Parade: Manli Series T2 Nettop


manli series t2 nettopWant a compact desktop PC you can just pick up and bring with you? Interested in customizing PCs? The Manli Series T2 Nettop PC comes with an Intel Atom 0525 1.8GHz dual-core CPU, and Intel GMA3150 integrated graphics. Connectivity buffs who need their externals and other devices plugged in to their PC will be pleased to know that the device has six USB 2.0 ports, and fans of HD will also be satisfied to know that there is also HDMI connectivity for any monitors that can support it. The entire unit weighs less than 1 kg and if you’re concerned about power consumption, the device as a whole only consumes 65 watts. On some models, you have to attach your own RAM and hard drive to the device, but some models come pre-built, so if you’re a fan of custom-building your own device, you can use the barebone models as practice.


First published in Gadgets Magazine, June 2013