Parade: Maxell M Series


Looking for a snazzy new set of comfy, affordable, and high-performance earphones? Try Maxell’s M Series models on for size. The strategically installed driver units of the MXH-BDA700, MXH-DD600, and MXH-CA200 provide the listener with the richest audio quality there is. All models have a high-modulus aluminum body that reduces acoustic vibration within the buds, thus enhancing sound clarity and greatly improving your listening experience. Featuring small enclosures and silicon tips, these earphones are designed for comfortable wearing. The MXH-CA200, in particular, is purposefully constructed to curve along the lining of the listener’s ears.

php 6,299 (MXH-BDA700)

php 4,499 (MXH-DD600)

php 1,099 (MXH-CA200)

First published in Gadgets Magazine, November 2013