Parade: MiLi Power Angel 2


mili power angel

The MiLi Power Angel 2 is a compact external power bank for your iPod Touch 5 and iPhone 5. This power source is as portable as your average mint container—you can put it in your bag and never have to worry about your device’s decreasing battery life. The Power Angel 2, with 2200 mAh on tap is available in black and white, has blue caps that you can remove to directly plug into your device and charge. After plugging it in and clicking on the button on its side, the LED lights will indicate if the device is charging. Its built-in input and output port eliminate the hassle of tangling cable wires. This portable power bank is built with a back-stand to enable your device to stand on its own whilst watching a movie and charging.

PHP 2,400

First published in Gadgets Magazine, July 2013