Parade: MiLi Power Spring 5

mili power springThe great thing about having a smartphone is the entertainment and functionality it delivers to its users. The only downside to this is the battery life that bottoms out just when you are about to leave or see to an important appointment. MiLi’s 2200 mAh Power Spring 5 is both a protective case and a power source for your iPhone 5. Its built-in features include a microUSB input port, a lithium polymer battery, battery indicator lights, and a handy button that allows you to charge your iPhone any time. By pulling out the Apple lightning connector and plugging it directly into your iPhone, you will no longer have any excuse to watch your power dip into the red. The Power Spring 5 is ultra-slim and stylish; unfashionable scratches will never be a problem, thanks to its anti-scratch soft slot. This convenient protective power case comes in black and white.

PHP 3,300

First published in Gadgets Magazine, July 2013