Parade: Pioneer Platinum Edition Limited (CDJ-2000NXS (M),DJM-900NXS (M), RMX-1000 (M)) PROFESSIONAL PLAYER FOR DJs



Pioneer DJ today announced the creation of”Piatinum Editions”of CDJ-2000 Nexus professional multi-player,DJM-900 Nexus performance digital mixer,and RMX-1000 Remix Station.The Platinum Edition models will have a limited run of 4,000 units for CDJ-2000nexus, 2,000 units for DJM-900nexus,and 2,000 units for RMX-1000,which will be available at Pioneer DJ authorized retailers worldwide and released in February 2013.The limited Platinum Edition series products will feature an ultra-sleek mirror chrome finish,each with a distinctive plaque engraved with the production run and serial number to indicate its authenticity.The system includes two CDJ-2000 Nexus-M (P139,990.00 each),one Platinum Edition RMX-1000 (P59,990.00) and one DJM-900 Nexus-M (P129,990.00).The system also comes with free HDJ-1500 DJ headphones.


First Published in Gadgets Magazine March 2013