Parade: Pioneer Todoroki

Need to fill up your place with earthshaking music for a fun-filled staycation? Here’s a more than suitable speaker for your home. The Pioneer Todoroki is a 5.1 channel speaker system that consists of an S-RS88TB speaker system and an S-MS3W subwoofer. This combination delivers amplified music and uncompromised sound quality, transporting you right into the center of every action. The Todoroki expertly delivers a pleasant balance of deep bass and exciting treble thanks to the
S-RS88B Tallboy front speaker, sold separately, specifically created to immerse the listener in an amplified music atmosphere. This Tallboy front speaker utilizes an Acoustic Balance Drive Technology that reproduces clear low frequency sound by cancelling out sound waves which cause booms on low to mid frequency notes. Adding to its impressive sound performance is a sleek, all-black design made to complement every modern-day home.
PHP 15,990 (Speakers)