Parade: Pioneer XDJ-Aero DJ Wireless System



The XDJ-Aero is the industry’s first Wi-Fi DJ system that can obtain tracks via Wi-Fi from  any smart device or computer.You can arrange and mix your favorite music on the smart devices via Wi-Fi or USB.The XDJ-Aero can also create its own wireless access point if a Wi-Fi point is not available or in range,allowing any iOS or Android device to connect to it. You can access any track on your PC using the rekordbox DJ music management software.There are two  USB ports,two RCA inputs,one mic input,and two  master and headphone outputs. Its slim and stylish design will not only bring out the music,but also bring you out as a quality DJ.The XDJ-Aero also comes with free HDJ-500 DJ headphones.


First Published in Gadgets Magazine March 2013