Parade: Samsung Galaxy Gear



The Galaxy Gear is the perfect companion device to foster the Samsung experience into everyday life. The wearable Galaxy Gear is a smart device that allows its users to stay connected with their Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Notifications are shown, along with previews for messages and a feature to accept or discreetly ignore those messages. When users pick up their Note 3, the full message will be instantly revealed on the screen with the SmartRelay feature. Occupied hands? The Galaxy Gear comes with built-in speakers that directly allow hands-free calls. Draft messages, create calendar entries, set alarms, and check weather on your smartwatch with S Voice. Apart from smart controls, you could also capture moments via an integrated 1.9-megapixel camera. Auto Lock, Find My Device, and Pedometer features are also present. The Galaxy Gear is an elegant wrist-worn second screen that is available in jet black, mocha gray, wild orange, oatmeal beige, rose gold, and lime green.

PHP 13,990

First published in Gadgets Magazine, November 2013