Parade: San Disk Ultra Plus Solid State Drive

San Disk Ultra PlusSSDs are fast replacing traditional hard disk drives, and San Disk’s Ultra Plus Solid State Drive can boot your operating system a lot faster while using less energy than a hard disk drive. If you are a fan of photo and video editing, music production, or any multimedia application, an SSD is essential because of its high read speeds (520MB/s for its 64GB offering and 530MB/s for its 128GB and 256GB offerings). Its durable design offers more reliable performance. It has no mechanical parts to wear down and break, plus it can also withstand shock. Its durability also means you can enjoy the benefits of having your data on the San Disk Ultra Plus Solid State Drive for a very long time. Available in 64GB, 64GB desktop, 128GB, 128GB desktop, 256GB and 256GB desktop.

First Published in Gadgets Magazine, May 2013