Parade: Sony Handycam HDR-GWP88

Sony HandycamHave you ever wanted to take videos while you’re surfing, swimming, or mountain-climbing? Sony’s latest addition to the Handycam line lets you do just that. The HDR-GWP88 resists any elemental limitations, as it is waterproof up to ten meters, shockproof up to five meters, freeze-proof down to -1 O”C, and is also dustproof. Travelers, adventure-seekers, sports enthusiasts, and practically anyone with an active lifestyle will enjoy taking Full HD videos of their escapades on this nifty camera. To top it all off, the HDR-GWP88 is equipped with a built-in LED projector to enable you to relive your adventures with your friends, even when you’re not connected to a computer or a TV screen.

PHP 34, 999

First published in Gadgets Magazine, August 2013