Parade: TRENDnet N150 Wireless Home Router


The TRENDnet N150 Wireless Home Router has four 10/100 Mbps LAN ports and one WAN port, so your entire family can enjoy a fast,quality connection. The high-speed data rates of up to 150 Mbps ensure that you’ll have the best connection to the Internet so you can do things such as talk to your friends and family,play games or stream media.You can also get advanced wireless security of up to WPA2-RADIUS.There is also Quality of Service (QoS) data prioritization,so you won’t  suffer buffering on YouTube videos or experience any lag while playing games.The wireless range of this router  covers up to 1OOm if indoor and 300m if outdoor,depending on the environment.


PHP 1,198

First Published in Gadgets Magazine March 2013