Parade: TRENDnet USB to Parallel 1284 Converter TU-P1284


Trendnet 2

TRENDnet’s USB to Parallel 1284 Converter cuts you the hassle of extra work as it connects a parallel printer to a USB port on your laptop or PC. With its two-meter converter cable, you can connect parallel port printers to a USB port as far as 6.6 feet away. The converter is easy to install with its Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) compatibility. Even if you’re using Windows 8, you’ll still be able to use this handy device. You also get the pleasure of transferring your data with the TU-P1284’s transfer rate that’s up to 12 Mbps. On top of all these, you get a two-year limited warranty.


First published in Gadgets Magazine, September 2013