Quicklook: Fuji Xerox DocuCenter SC2020

The Fuji Xerox DocuCenter SC2020 is the answer to the printing woes of SOHO’s and SME’s. This affordable yet aptly equipped A3 multifunction printer boasts of Fuji Xerox’s longstanding color printing technologies enabling it to yield vibrant, high quality prints. Compact yet efficient, this MFP features a color print/copy speed of 20 pages per minute and can produce high-resolution prints at 1200 x 2400 dpi with smooth black lines and character outlines. The Fuji Xerox DocuCenter SC2020 is made capable through a new LED print head with the current confinement self-scanning light emitting device which efficiently increases the volume of light emitted by controlling and confining the light’s current pathways. The effective emission of light results to high-resolution prints without consuming much energy. It also comes with an intuitive user interface owners can access through its built-in 4.3-inch color touch screen. Mobile printing is also made easy via its dedicated Print Utility app. Apart from its printing abilities, the Fuji Xerox DocuCenter SC2020 can also copy, scan, email, and fax files.

Also published in December 2016-January 2017 Issue