Oppo PH teases new smartphone and brand ambassador

Two months into the successful debut of its flagship device, the F1s, OPPO has just announced a couple of big surprises for consumers are well on their way.

OPPO’s social media accounts recently teased, through a photo showing silver liquid dripping from an OPPO smartphone, that it will be unveiling something momentous in the next few days.

“We always try to discover new ways of improving customer experience with OPPO’s smartphones, and that means we constantly innovate on all aspects of a smartphone experience,” said OPPO Philippines brand marketing manager Stephen Cheng.

“Through a powerful combination of hardware, software, and design, OPPO’s smartphones capture stunning selfies while giving users a smoother smartphone experience,” he added.

This upcoming revelation, however, is just among the many surprises from the brand. Just recently, OPPO also dropped a teaser image of the brand’s newest face.

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