Quick Look: LG X Power

A phone with no power is about as useful as a brick. Go longer between charges with the LG X Power. Packed with a massive 4100 mAh battery, and with the ability to go from empty to full in two and a half hours, this is a phone that isn’t afraid to venture out. That’s not where its bag of tricks ends though. With a 13 MP main camera, a 5 MP front camera, and a large, 5.3 inch display, it’s a phone that can keep you entertained wherever you go. You even have USB OTG capability that allows you to share files and even battery power with ease. A slim 7.9mm body, and LG’s slim arc design make it a phone you you’ll want to be seen with, and rounded edges make it feel great in the hand.

PHP 8,490

Also published in GADGETS MAGAZINE November 2016 issue