Free up some space on yout iOS device this (long) weekend

Storage space is an important part of every mobile device. The more room you have to tote stuff around, the more time you can spend disconnected from the real world. Sometimes, though, there just isn’t enough for everything we want to take with us. Cloud storage has offered a solution, but without a fast enough internet connection to stream all that content, the amount of cloud storage you have is moot. The best answer is still to free up space on the device itself. The thing is, sometimes, even after double-checking all the files, apps and settings pages on your iOS device, it seems like there is some mystery space that remains unaccounted for. If that is the case, head over to this LINK and get yourself a copy of PhoneClean. It’s a Windows program that promises to take all the files, cookies and other miscellaneous junk you think you got rid of, and deletes them for real. Less junk means more space, and a happier user. Do be warned though, that it may delete some cookies that are actually useful, as well as some apps that you may depend on, so be careful, and back everything up before giving it a shot.