5 Free iOS games you might want to try (Volume 1)

If you want budget gaming on your iPhone, nothing beats FREE! Good thing there are tons of quality free games on the App Store and I’ll be sharing 5 that have been keeping me busy this week. These apps not by any means new, but if you don’t have these yet, I suggest you try it out.

1. Can Knockdown

It’s a pretty simple game. You just… knock down cans by throwing a ball at them. It gets addictive because whenever you make streaks, your score gets multiplied. And well, the visuals are pretty compelling; especially the slow-mo action when you knock down everything in one shot. It’s pretty cool, plus there’s Game Center support so you can brag among your friends.

2. Pokerist.com

I admittedly suck badly at poker but I have to say, Pokerist.com keeps me hooked. It requires you to be online to play it because you’re not playing against AI but other humans as well. It’s not exactly one of those all-in, buy back online poker games because chips actually have value in this game. Kinda. You can use real money to buy chips, or just log-in everyday to get a chance to win in the daily raffle.

3. Super K.O. Boxing 2

Being in the same country as boxing-legend Manny Pacquiao, who wouldn’t be a fan of the sport? Super KO Boxing is a pretty neat boxing game with cartoon-like visuals. The characters are pretty interesting so beating the opponents actually makes me excited to see who’s next.

4. Fragger Desert Strike

Fragger Dessert Strike a port of the flash game from Miniclip.com. It’s somewhat similar to Angry Birds, but instead of launching birds from a slingshot, you throw grenades to masked people who don’t move. It’s a bit harder and the physics aren’t as complex, but if you get stuck on a stage, the game has a built-in “view solution” option. Pretty neat if you keep getting stuck in some stages.

5. Ninjump

So you’re this ninja, who for some reason just likes to run vertically on walls. Boost your way up by hitting ferrets, birds, ninja stars, or explosives. Gain satisfaction by beating your friends (and the rest of the world) with your high score, which you can share on Facebook or tweet. It’s a shame this game doesn’t support Game Center but at least there’s Open Feint for leaderboards.

Oh and if you’re on Game Center, add me: francist. :)

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  1. Why aren’t angry birds not included on the list together with Plants vs. zombies… anyway..great post.. i love reading your post and suggestions…

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