Best Windows Apps for your summer getaway!

Already thinking about booking that tour this summer? Whoever you are with, or wherever you plan to go, Windows offers the best apps for you to plan that vacation, get to your destination easily, and have the most memorable possible.

1. Skyscanner

If you are looking for a cheap flight for your destination of choice, Skyscanner allows you to search millions of routes on over 1,000 airlines in just a few taps. It lets you search the best deals and connects you the airline of your choosing to directly book the flight.

2. TripAdvisor

Let TripAdvisor help you discover your destination’s top attractions. With the help of 75 million reviews and opinions by like-minded travelers, you’ll find the best places to eat, sleep and play, to avoid missing out.

3. Foodspotting

If you come across good food and want to share the experience, then Foodspotting is the right app for you. It helps foodies find food easier, whether it’s the most authentic paella in Valencia or the best macarons in Paris. It is much more focused on the food served, instead of the restaurants at which they were dished out.

4. World Time

Sometimes, you feel like keeping track everybody’s whereabouts. World Time helps you keep updated on the time anywhere on the globe. Choose from over 500 cities to show the time with daylight savings and sunrise/sunset times.

5. XE Currency

Now you can track your travel expenses with XE Currency. It lets you convert every world currency with its live rates and charts. This app will be able to help you most especially when you are visiting different countries using different currencies.

6. Bing Travel

Take a good look of your destination before even travelling! Bing Travel offers real-life experience with its 360-degree panoramas, slideshows and photos of scenic spots across the globe with just a few taps. You can also plan your trip, search and book flights and hotel reservations, and check important details such a flight details while you’re on the go. It also keeps you updated with the latest travel news and trends.