BlackBerry celebrates one year since inclusion of ‘BBM’ in Collins English Dictionary

BBM iconIt has been exactly one year since BlackBerry has managed to make its mark not just in the world of tech, but also in the English language. On 17 September 2012, the term ‘BBM’ was officially included in the Collins English Dictionary.

To jog your memory, here’s how Collins defines BBM:

abbreviation for

1. BlackBerry Messenger: an instant messaging application for BlackBerry devices


2. a message sent or received using BlackBerry Messenger


3. to send a message using BlackBerry Messenger


A lot has changed since that day, from the company’s rebranding, to the launch of the all-touch Z10 and the BlackBerry 10 OS, to the inclusion of video conversations and screen sharing on BBM. Right now, BBM is on its way to become part of the iOS and Android language as BlackBerry is currently beta testing the app on the said platforms.