Customized Kindle Stores makes its way to Samsung Galaxy Devices

Amazon-kindle-yvgIf you are a bookworm of the 21st century, you probably have made acquaintances with the Kindle. What’s more, if you are currently holding a Galaxy device, consider this day made.

Recently, Samsung has just struck up a deal with Amazon. This new partnership, according to Techradar, will see the arrival of a Kindle store tailor-fitted for its Galaxy devices.

Kindle for Samsung is currently available on the Galaxy S5 and existing Galaxy devices running Android 4.0 or above, which grants users access to Amazon’s library of e-books, magazines and newspapers.

Also, it will offer Galaxy users 12 free books a year via the Samsung Book Deals service, showcasing four must-have titles to choose from each month. Now, that’s quite a deal!

Article Source: Techradar