eBay rolls out slick, intuitive new interface


eBay, one of the world’s biggest online retailers, has just rolled out their new interface to better engage and inspire online shoppers everywhere. Daniel Feiler, Director for Communications at eBay Asia Pacific was at a small press gathering to introduce the new format, and explained that the USD 10 trillion global retail market has been, and will continue to be changed by trends in mobile access, speed and what users look for in online shopping. The new eBay format brings together the joy of brick-and-mortar shopping with the ease and convenience of making purchases online.

Frontlining the move towards what is convenient and intuitive for the user is The Feed, which lets users choose topics that are relevant to them, then show items that fall into these interests, much like the customized news feed of news and aggregator sites. The feed is visual, customizable, and smart, choosing from eBay’s global goods inventory to come up with items that are of interest to the shopper.

The new eBay also gives customers a greater selection and better savings. Pinoys can now choose from the huge pool of local listings, as well as the over 40 million global ones at eBay.com.ph. As always, eBay has payment options, including PayPal, credit card, debit card and online bank transfers that make shopping both convenient and secure.

Globally, eBay has 116 million users, with 25 million sellers and 400 million listings. Of the listings, 70% of the items are new, and 20% of merchandise is sold across borders. If you’re looking for something, and it can be found, it’s going to be on eBay. check out the new eBay format and start your feed at eBay.com.ph/feed.