Expand your vocabulary with Word Lab

If you like playing word games such as HangmanScrabble and Words with Friends and also want to expand your vocabulary, you’ll enjoy Bearded Man Studios’ first game, Word Lab, for your Android device. You’ll take on the role of assisting the Professor by creating words which are three or more letters in length before time runs out and the evil Killer Cube eats his own master. It is designed to test your word strength and how quickly you can create them under pressure, much like a scientist creates his own concoctions in a science lab. The longer the word you create, the more points are added to your main score.

You can compete against your friends as well to see who has the bigger vocabulary—there is a leaderboard that tracks you and your friends’ scores so you won’t have to wonder who is losing to who. You can track who is on top for the day, the week, or overall. For each game you complete, you gain coins to give yourself an advantage in creating words. Some of the power-ups include Clue, which highlights possible letters to create a word; the 5x multiplier, which will multiply your score by five; Time Warp, which will add another 15 seconds to your time; Shuffle, which will rearrange the letters on your board; and Energize, which will double the value of each letter on your board. You can also purchase coins via in-app purchase.

You can also use the coins to purchase different skins for the game if you want to change the appearance of your game as well. There will be more skins and powers as time goes along. It is currently available for Android devices, although iOS and Windows Phone versions are also in the works. For more information on Word Lab and the developer, you can visit their page on the Google Play store.


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