Facebook Stories: An online compilation of users’ interesting FB experiences

The folks over at the Facebook office have just launched Facebook Stories—a new and interesting site that features fascinating stories about users’ experiences with the social network.

“We wanted to create a place where we could celebrate great stories,” shared Facebook’s Tucker Bounds with ABCNews.

The site debuted with a video entitled People You May Know, the moving story of Mayank Sharma from New Delhi who was diagnosed with meningitis at age 27. His condition was worsened with complications and it further led to Hydrocephalus, causing him to suffer from memory loss. Mayank was able to reconnect with old faces and ultimately reconstruct fragments of his past through Facebook’s People You May Know feature. Watch the full video below:

While the the first video was uploaded by the Facebook team, the site actually lets you submit your own interesting Facebook stories that you’d like to share to the world. However, according to an article at SlashGear, Facebook claims that not all submissions will be displayed prominently; they will only select the best entries to highlight. Like People You May Know, the overarching theme of submissions this month will revolve around the concept of “Remembering”. SlashGear reports that Facebook will be creating an infographic about the monthly theme at the end of each month.

Other features include a virtual bookshelf filled with selections relevant to the theme, a playlist that features “inspiring artists” and a monthly podcast.

Got a great story to tell? Head on over to the site to share your experiences to the world!

Source: TheVerge, SlashGear, and Mashable