Firefox to release a homescreen app for Android


Mozilla, creator of Firefox, showed a great interest in targeting the Android market through their announcement of releasing their own Android launcher that works simultaneously with the built-in Firefox browser it comes with.

The Firefox launcher will generally revolve around user-based usage patterns and location which then provides the user relevant apps and links that is patterned after the data that has been gathered. Firefox will include a universal search function, smart folders that update automatically whenever the user will download new apps and receive new content, and  the prediction bar which sorts and displays apps that you are likely to use at a given time.

Furthermore, the Firefox homescreen app is basically a repacked version of EverythingMe in Android, which was just released two days ago, that also uses contextual data where finding apps or contacts is a lot easier through quick taps.

The date of the actual release is still tentative, but the developers said that the new homescreen app will be out in the next few weeks.

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